Our History

Neither one of our team members arrived here without struggle, so by emphasizing, we hope to provide you with the full service to make you and your dearest ones happy and content. You can choose the boat that you need, add paddleboards, or fishing tools for you to enjoy the freshest dinner at a nice dusk, on the moving grooves of the Sea. We want to provide the comfort that you’re seeking and create an offer to encompass all of your desired activities.
We started as a small enchanted team of passioned Romanians that grew up in the north part of the country where all we knew were the mountains and the snowy winters. When we arrived in Beaulieu-sur-Mer we got stunned by the greatness of the Mediterranean Sea and the richness, the beauty, and the complexity that surrounds the place with its specific, unique spell.

We’d like to show people what this place means and what it offered us. We’d like to see the same awe and wonder that encompassed our beings when we first arrived here, and we began to understand its substrates.