Our services get tailored around the specific needs of you and your partner/family/group of friends. We have from budget-friendly boats to large ones, with a professional skipper included or not, paddleboards, fishing tools, grill on the boat, food or drinks, and swimming in your favorite spot from the Sea. And that is just the water area. We provide services on the land too, offers that you can find here (www.rentabikeazur.com).

Our Services

Complete services, “make your pack” option that can include all the extras that you’d like: snorkeling, fishing, grill, accommodation overnight, boat party.

If you like to enjoy the sea at your own pace, we recommend the calm navigation, almost like a meditation with some fun, that the paddleboards offer. It’s neither surf, nor a contemplation on the Sea, not like you’re using a canoe, but somewhere in the middle.

To see the deep awesomeness of the Sea without losing your breath, we have the option of snorkeling around while viewing the fishes and your funny faces of your friends under the water.